"If you can think it YOu can do it" ~ Rhonda

Did you know you are now a part of the #1 AREA in all of Mary Kay under the amazing leadership of National Elite Executive Sales Director Gloria Mayfield Banks?  You have something to be proud of!!

New Consultant Check List

  • Login and set up your Mary Kay InTouch Account: CLICK HERE
  • Plan a date for your business debut
  • Download Voxer - Tell your director your username (change your notifications so your phone doesn't chirp all time, unless you don't mind
  • Plan a date for your New Consultant Orientation with your director
  • Watch the getting started DVD in your starter kit
  • Complete the getting started brochure in your starter kit
  • Watch the inventory video:  CLICK HERE
  • Make a Decision about inventory options
  • Tell your director your decision
  • Signup for your website on intouch under Business tab you should see a link that says website
  • Make a list of 30 people that you know that has skin
  • As those 30 people to do you a favor and be a face model for you to get their opinion about Mary Kay Skin Care. You want to introduce them to the New Mary Kay 
  • Read the Something Beautiful Magazine
  • Read the Mary Kay Ash Book
  • Provide your director with your weekly or daily updates 
  • Complete your weekly accomplishment sheet before Monday 12noon - they can be found under the business tab on Intouch
  • Set next 30 day goals
  • Your director will match your energy and efforts as well as coach you to your desired success
  • Start Education Training - MK University, Color Confidence, Advance Color Confidence,Skin Care Confidence Trainings (You get recognition for everything you complete)
  • Sign Up for your Website work pro pay on InTouch (under teh business tab)
  • Download My Customers App from your play store and familiarize yourself with the app
  • Check out the calendar and see what special holiday or special day is coming up where you can ask people to purchase from your boutique.  Provide them product ideas
  • Get Your weekly Nightly training day and location from your director
  • Attend weekly training, recognition and awards